Significant Flaw Found In New Home Thanks To Building Inspection In Holland Park

 by Gavin Godfrey

24 Jan 2023

When a new home is built, yeah, you would hope that all the construction crew work together for the best result? Unfortunately, yeah this is not always true and additions can always be made that causes the home structure to be threatened, as we found out in this building inspection in West End.

When we initially started the building inspection, everything appeared to be in order and the house well constructed. It seemed like a nice, modern home that would serve the needs for many families, but with a keen eye for detail as we must have, we noticed a sagging section in the ceiling. Because we couldn't work out any obvious cause at a first glance, we entered the roof space of the home, where we found a serious structural issue.

Inside roofs of this style, there are a number of trusses that are engineered and designed to carry the span and load of the roof and ceiling. Thanks to their careful engineering in respect to supporting the rood load, even the slightest amount of damage to these trusses can cause both the roof and the ceiling to sag, and though it might not be immediately obvious to the naked eye, this sagging can quickly present a serious hazard to anyone occupying the home. In the middle of two such trusses, incredibly someone had cut the support webs to fit in an air-conditioning unit.

Fortunately, the building inspection revealed this serious concern and we informed the prospective buyer. They still wanted to proceed with the property purchase so they contacted an engineer who designed an addition to the truss, and the seller's arranged for a builder to carry out the work, allowing it to continue to support the weight of the roof while still leaving the aircon in position. Considering the comparative cost of the engineer against having to replace the two roof trusses, the ceiling, or both of them, our building inspection was able to save this buyer a lot of heartache and money down the road.

Sometimes, even newer homes can be hiding glaring and significant structural flaws. Thankfully, as with this West End building inspection, finding these flaws is a simple matter for Ironside Building and Pest Inspections. Using our top to bottom building inspections technique, we have a keen eye for detail which may save you a lot of money after the property settlement has well passed. Call Ironside Building & Pest Inspections on 0416 291 179 today to organise your building inspection today.

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