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Your questions answered about Building, Pest and Pool Inspections

When you buy a second-hand car, you typically inspect the car first to make sure there are no problems. After all, if a problem arises with the car after the transaction is finished, it can be hard to recover your investment from a second-hand seller. The same is true for homes, and so it is critical that you perform a proper building inspection before you purchase a new house to avoid any pain and heartbreak. Fortunately, the team here at Ironside Building, Pest, & Pool Inspections are terrific building inspectors in the Gold Coast, and we're able to inspect any property. Fill out our enquiry form or call us on 0416 291 179 to make sure your property inspection needs are being met as best as possible.

. A third-party building inspection performed by a professional can help make sure both the buyer and seller of a property are getting a fair deal. Building inspectors normally look for a few things while they work, including any signs of structural damage, pest infestation, and legal shortcomings. In particular, building inspectors are able to determine if a home has undergone an alteration without the necessary council approval and permits for that alteration based on the quality of the work performed, which may cause a legal or practical headache for any potential buyer later on. Once a building inspection has been performed, the building inspector can pass their findings on to their client, who may be able to use them to negotiate a better price, be that a higher price for a seller or a lower cost for a buyer. To make sure you are getting a fair deal on property, you should always hire a building inspector.

A thorough building inspection before you complete the purchase of a property can help save you a substantial amount of heartache later on. With that said, though, not everyone on the market is aware of what is actually contained within a building report. Thankfully, the leading team for the Gold Coast building inspections, Ironside Building, Pest, & Pool Inspections, can help illuminate the full value of a building report. Our team can always help you with your property inspection needs  - give us a call on 0416 291 179 or fill out our enquiry form to get in touch.

Building reports are as thorough as they possibly can be given the limitations of the building. A building inspection can only occur in readily-accessible areas of a property, which means that all items hidden by walls, ceilings, floors, and heavy furniture may not be inspected. This can include things such as plumbing, electrical wiring, and gas fittings. Building reports will provide a much deeper inspection than the typical eye can provide, though, investigating roof spaces, subfloors, and non-structural walls. In addition, every space inside the home is thoroughly investigated, including garages, toilets, laundries, and driveways. Given the limitations presented by the building, building reports are as thorough as they possibly can be.

Before you purchase any home, it is critical that you undertake a thorough building inspection to make sure you find any faults the property may have. However, not every prospective buyer understands exactly what a building inspector will look for, which can make it hard to understand the value a building inspection can hold. Fortunately, Ironside Building, Pest, & Pool Inspections, the leading choice for the Gold Coast building inspections, are more than capable of helping you understand why you need to perform an inspection for any property before purchasing it. Call us 0416 291 179 or fill out our enquiry form for help with all of your needs related to building inspections.

A building inspector is primarily looking for building faults and damage to the property. Once the inspector arrives at the property, they will begin to investigate the exterior of the property, building, roof, floors, walls, and the ceiling roof space looking for a variety of signs of damage or structural issues. These signs can include structural movement, cracks, subsidence, and, for high-end property inspectors, signs of pest infestation. Finally, a thorough building and pool safety inspector will also investigate any pool present on the property, making sure it is compliant with current pool safety legislation. Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will compile their findings into a document and provide that document to the client on the day of the inspection. The client can then use that document to negotiate with the seller, and this can result in either a lower sale price or repair work being done before the sale is finalised.